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    Tarpaulin materials have been widely used as tents, awnings and truck cover,
    PVC Inflatable Fabric,but they are also now commonly used as a side curtain.

    Tarpaulin side curtain is an innovative transportation system designed for greater and better efficiency in the transportation of goods while providing outstanding brand advertising. Side curtains are developed to offer easy and fast access to your cargo or goods in your vehicle’s entire body, keeping it sheltered and secured.

    Tarpaulin side curtains provide the combination of a flatbed transportation. It allows for easy unloading from the vehicle’s side with the added protection you’d expect from a dry van. It offers an ideal way to transport large cargos while protecting them from external elements in an efficient and convenient manner. These side curtains are designed for great convenience and maximum durability. They are extremely robust and ensure that your items or goods are protected from any harsh elements.

There is a huge variety of tarpaulin side curtains to choose from, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on your type of transportation and vehicle. The material is strong, UV resistant and hard wearing fabric that is coated with PVC before weaving in order to guarantee tear resistance.
Some of the incredible benefits and features of Tarpaulin side curtains include:

  • Water proof and sturdy
  • Comes in fire retardant material
  • Weather resistant against any damage from strong gusts of wind, hail, snow, rain and violent ultraviolet ray

Tarpaulin side curtains provide the versatility of side loading of a flatbed trailer that allows transportation companies to fully maximize their equipment.

Side Curtains for Advertising

Truck driving is actually one of the most effective and reliable form of outdoor advertising. This mobile marketing medium is actually known as one of the most powerful and essential advertising spaces in the marketing industry. It provides far-reaching exposure for any service or product you offer.

Tarpaulins offer a remarkable way to advertising your business or brand in a very creative manner. We work closely with our customers in order to obtain the best corporate messaging on the road. From the basic logo of your brand with website and phone numbers to a complete digital print campaign, it can make your message delivered expertly and conveniently for everyone to see.

  • Tarpaulin Side Curtain

  • Digitally printed tarpaulin side curtains are printed with the highest quality runners and over center buckles. They provide a lot of different aspects of vehicle branding that suit the needs of every customers.

    So, whether you are looking for a quality weather protection for your vehicle, side and rear access or an incredible mobile marketing medium, choosing the best tarpaulin curtain is a great way to go. With the growing popularity of side curtains made from tarpaulin materials, it can be quite daunting to find the right supplier to rely on.
    The great news is that the ultimate side curtain provider you can trust is here to help you in every step of the way. We offer a comprehensive line of tarpaulin side covers that will meet your needs and match your budget.