What is a PVC Coated Tarpaulin

  • Coated pvc fabric

  • A polyethylene tarpaulin is made from a fabric that is multi mesh and is coated with a sheet of polyethylene that is available in numerous types of mesh and mil counts.

They are available in many different sizes and can be used for numerous different reasons. They are usually rot resistant and waterproof and are very handy when you need to cover something up especially in bad weather. A tarpaulin’s thickness is measured in mils.

A mil equals 1/1000 of an inch. The larger the number ids the thicker the tarpaulin is. Most tarpaulins are 6 mils thick but they are available up to 23 mils thick if they are needed for use as perhaps a heavy duty canopy. The mesh count is defined as the number of threads per inch.

A 10 X 10 mesh count means there are 10 threads per inch in each direction. Polyethylene tarpaulins are sold either by the roll or in precut sizes. They are available with metal, aluminum, or brass grommets. The grommets are used to attach the tarpaulin to whatever needs to be covered.

The spacing of the grommet can be anywhere between 18″ and 36″. Shorter spacing will minimize tearing and movement and add some strength to the tarpaulin. There is a triangular plastic to reinforce and prevent fro tearing a hole in the fabric on each corner of the tarpaulin. In high winds the corners are especially likely to tear or rip as a result of the additional tension. In order to add additional strength, a rope is usually sewn into the hem of the tarpaulin. The polyethylene tarpaulin can be used in numerous ways such as to cover your roof whenever a leak is discovered or when you’re remodeling your house or even a room in your house.

They can also be used to protect your belongings and your structures in hurricane weather conditions. They also make great canopies that will provide you with shad or shelter. There are many different kind s of materials that they are used to cover such as gum floors, lumber, and hay.