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    PVC Fabric Introduction

    When you start to think of different fabrics that you can use to make clothes out of PVC fabric might not be one of the first that come to mind. However once you start to look into PVC fabric and the things that can be created out of it, you will soon see why you […]

  • Coated pvc fabric

    What is a PVC Coated Tarpaulin

    They are available in many different sizes and can be used for numerous different reasons. They are usually rot resistant and waterproof and are very handy when you need to cover something up especially in bad weather. A tarpaulin’s thickness is measured in mils. A mil equals 1/1000 of an inch. The larger the number […]

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    The Benefits of Canvas Tarps

    The tarps come in endless sizes and can be utilized for a huge number of purposes from painting to arranging to outdoors. A standout amongst the most widely recognized employments of canvas tarps is to secure furniture, floor coverings and different things while painting inside or outside. While canvas tarps are more costly than dispensable […]

  • heavy duty pvc tarps

    Tips to Buy Canvas Heavy Duty Tarps

    When conditions are especially unforgiving on your valuable assets in the field, you will want to choose heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin over any other kind. Otherwise, it might just not be the tarpaulin that takes the hit from the elements; your assets like battery or generators could also be a casualty of the elements. Between […]

  • PVC Tarpaulin Mesh Tarps

    Choosing a PVC Tarpaulin: Mesh Tarps

    Mesh tarps from Tarps Now are durable and a long-term solution for sun shade canopies and other mesh tarps needs. These are made with varying colors and materials, designed for protection and even privacy. Various mesh tarps are usually made from high quality vinyl and polyester or polyethylene ensuring top standard cover. Its permeable and […]

  • About Poly Tarps

    All There is to Know About Poly Tarps

    In the current tarp manufacturing industry, there have been developments in different kinds of materials that can be used to make tarpaulins. These materials include polyethylene, canvas, PVC and vinyl. All these materials are capable of providing quality tarps but polyethylene is the most versatile and advanced in the market. Various reasons exist as to […]

  • Heavy Duty Tarps - White Vinyl Tarps

    Everything about PVC tarpaulin

    Are you in heavy duty jobs that need superior protection against punctures and rips, do you need vinyl tarps for fencing, as banners or for field covers? Then look no further cause with PVC tarpaulin, you will be able to handle your heavy duty jobs and offer protection to your items against punctures and rips. […]